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Get Started with NetObjects Fusion

If you just downloaded and installed NetObjects Fusion, you might be wondering where to begin? These links should help get you started.

The LaunchPad
There is a plethora of useful information on the LaunchPad site. Take a look around and see some of the cool things you can do with Fusion! You can learn how to get the most out of NetObjects Fusion by following along with our Tutorials (see below), they introduce you to some of the cool features and take you by the hand while you create some cool website projects.

LaunchPad Tutorials

Creating Your First Web Site
Imagine that you are the Promotions Manager for a small alpine adventure company called Mountain Jacques, and one of the company's most experienced guides. You want to share your excitement about the services Mountain Jacques provides. You know you can strengthen the business by enhancing communication with customers, so you decide to create a Web presence for Mountain Jacques and use NetObjects Fusion ™ to build the site.

Add E-Commerce To Your Web Site
In this tutorial, you build an e-commerce catalog that includes products which will assist hikers on expeditions. Using the NetObjects Fusion E-Commerce Catalog tool, you can create an online store with products and descriptions that will match the style of your site. To follow the steps in this lesson, you must have created the Mountain Jacques site described in the Tutorial “Creating Your First Web Site.”

Add A Photo Gallery To Your Web Site
To show highlights of each type of activity Mountain Jacques offers, you decide to display photos of previous trips. Using the NetObjects Fusion Photo Gallery tool, you can create a professional presentation with little effort. In this Tutorial, you set up a gallery that features photos of a Yosemite hiking trip. To follow the steps in this lesson, you must have created the Mountain Jacques site described in the Tutorial “Creating Your First Web Site.”

Fusion Wiki - it's free!
If you need to know something fast, we have excellent documentation which you can access 24/7. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following resources.

Fusion Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Got a question about NetObjects Fusion®? Check out the FAQ section where you can find the answers to the most commonly asked questions. Don't forget to also check out the Design Tips and Fusion Definitions pages, where you can find some great web design tips and jargon busters for the Fusion lingo.

Thinking of moving to NetObjects Fusion 15?
If you are thinking of moving to NetObjects Fusion 15 from an earlier version of NetObjects Fusion®, then you might benefit from reviewing the top Migration tips in the section below.

Site Migration: From the NetObjects Fusion to NetObjects Fusion 15
If you want to make the move to the latest full version of NetObjects Fusion® and use the site you built in NetObjects Fusion, take a look at the steps on the Site Migration page to get you going.

Problems downloading or installing?
If you had problems downloading or installing NetObjects Fusion you can get help by clicking here.