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General Questions About NetObjects Fusion

When you are stuck, ask a question, maybe we already have the answer here. Take a few moments to check out the most commonly asked questions, and the answers to them.

  1. What is NetObjects Fusion for Windows?
    • NetObjects Fusion is the most complete Web authoring solution from planning, building, and managing your site to promoting and growing your online business quickly and effectively.
  2. Who should use NetObjects Fusion?
    • Business Web site builders, whether you're building your own business site, or building sites for clients, whether you're just starting out or looking to expand your Web presence, will find that NetObjects Fusion is the fastest, easiest way to build business Web sites.
  3. What are the key features of NetObjects Fusion?
    • Here are some of the features we're excited to offer in NetObjects Fusion :
      • All-in-one solution - NetObjects Fusion is a complete solution for building Web sites, from planning, building, and managing your website, to promoting and growing your on-line business quickly and effectively.
      • Ease of learning - NetObjects is the innovator of the visual drag-and-drop website creation paradigm. NetObjects Fusion uses a site-oriented approach to website design, rather than the more cumbersome page-oriented approach used by many competitors.
      • SiteStructure editor - Prototype and build your web site structure with drag-and-drop convenience.
      • Website design wizards - The Site Wizard guides you to create attractive, professional-quality web sites in 3 easy steps.
      • Save time - Get on-line fast with our intuitive user interface, powerful wizards, automatic asset management and our visual design layout editor.
      • Build great sites - Build websites like a pro. You have complete creative control. Use simple drag and drop interfaces, and no coding knowledge required.
  4. What are the system requirements for NetObjects Fusion?
    • 660MHz Intel Pentium III processor or AMD equivalent
    • Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
    • 250 MB of available hard disk space
    • 256 MB RAM - 512 MB recommended if running multiple applications simultaneously
    • 32-bit ODBC drivers for external database connectivity
    • TCP/IP compliance for Internet connectivity
    • Internet connection / 56k minimum
    • SVGA display capable of 1024 x 768
    • 16-bit display / 32-bit recommended
    • Mouse or compatible pointing device
    • Web browser: Internet Explorer 10 or later installed on the machine available at:

Getting Started With NetObjects Fusion

  1. What is a MasterBorder? What is a Layout Region?
  2. Can I use NetObjects Fusion to import entire sites?
    • It is exceptionally difficult to import an existing website for continued use and editing into NetObjects Fusion (or any other website generator). NetObjects Fusion is an HTML generator; the reason it's so shockingly easy to use is because it creates all of the code for you based on your WYSIWYG design. The Fusion file (.nod) is an object oriented database that stores the instructions for building your website; the website itself is only created when you publish it. There is no way to accurately reinterpret the published code back into the appropriate database field.
    • The best way to proceed is to create a new site and copy and paste content from the online site into a new site. You must paste the copied text as "unformatted text" so the style of the new site will not conflict with the formatting of the original content.
  3. How do I lay out pages in NetObjects Fusion?
    • NetObjects Fusion lets you build pages any way you want. You can:
      • Drag and drop to lay out pages in graphic mode, with WYSIWYG, pixel-perfect positioning.
      • Use text mode like a word processor, with carriage returns and other textual page-creation tools, when ultra lean HTML is a top priority.
      • Use tables or divs for precise presentation of content and control over HTML.
  4. What features in NetObjects Fusion make it easy to build sites?
    • Our Site Wizard makes building your first Web site a simple 3-step process. Other easy-to-follow wizards guide you through the process of connecting your site with your databases, letting you dynamically deliver up-to-the-minute information, collect information from site visitors, and take advantage of e-commerce.
  5. Do I need to know HTML or code to use NetObjects Fusion?
    • No. NetObjects Fusion® generates the necessary HTML, scripting, and database query code needed to publish on the Web.
  6. Accessing and editing the HTML code is very important to me. Can I edit the HTML in NetObjects Fusion?
    • NetObjects Fusion does not offer direct access to the HTML or CSS code for your website. Upgrading to NetObjects Fusion 15 offers an internal HTML editor that allows you to add custom tags or scripts to any page or object. If you need even more control over HTML, or want to use NetObjects Fusion® in conjunction with your favorite HTML editors, NetObjects Fusion 15 can reference any HTML you create.

Supported Technology

  1. Does NetObjects Fusion support plugins?
    • Yes. You can edit the parameters of Shockwave Flash, Shockwave Director, and QuickTime plug-ins. Many other plug-ins are also supported, including Adobe Acrobat, video, sound, and more.
  2. Does NetObjects Fusion support Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)?
    • Yes. NetObjects Fusion 15 supports CSS3, CSS Positioning, and CSS Layers, allowing you to visually arrange text, pictures, applets, plug-ins, and other page elements.
  3. Does NetObjects Fusion support Dynamic HTML?
    • Yes. NetObjects Fusion® generates DHTML for you that is optimized for both Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.
  4. Which browsers does NetObjects Fusion support?
    • The HTML generation of NetObjects Fusion allows you to build once, publish anywhere across all popular browsers.
  5. Which Web servers does NetObjects Fusion support?
    • NetObjects Fusion® allows you to publish to the server of your choice no server-side extensions are necessary. You have full directory structure control (flat file, asset type, or site section) and can publish to multiple server locations.

International Information

  • Is NetObjects Fusion available outside of the United States and Canada?
    • Yes. NetObjects Fusion is available worldwide.

How To Upgrade to NetObjects Fusion 15

  1. Where can I get NetObjects Fusion 15?
  2. How much does NetObjects Fusion 15 cost?
    • The street price is $74.95 USD (upgrade version).