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What's New in Fusion 10

What are Templates?
A template is a fully designed page or site that you can use as a starting point for your own pages or sites. A typical template might include a banner and navigation buttons, an assigned SiteStyle, and text or other content. You can start a new site from a template or insert one into your current site. Once inserted into a site, you can modify template pages any way you like.

What are SiteStyles?
A SiteStyle is a collection of graphic and typographical elements you can apply to every page in your site to create its look and feel. Use pre-built styles from Fusion or custom build your own to create a look and feel right for your site. You can also select parts of multiple SiteStyles to create custom ones. SiteStyles can be selected and modified in the StyleView.

NetObjects Design Center

Visit our Design Center to choose from over 100 different NetObjects Fusion Templates. Go to Design Center

Templates Volume 3.0
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